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Manger Quote - Aras Jamal Ali
     This project is conducted to provide Steel Products to Local and International Market using the best and recycled row materials. We oblige to our country and our people thorough good quality products, which is Rebar and Billets at this phase. We also trying to up to date our self with latest technology to manufacture the finest merchandise that compete on the international level.
We also committed to our environments by minimising our waste to the minimum and covering our space with more and more green trees. We also devoted to our local governments
through their rules and regulation and follow their requirements and technical strains.
We furthermore open our doors and encourage researchers to use our factory and products to improve their researches and study to contribute towards science and better engineering to reduce time wasted in developments, production, design and better chemical composition.

Super Steel Factory

Super Steel Company (SSC) has established Super Steel Factory for melting, recycling steel, produce of billets and Rebar. This factory benefits from scraps and damaged irons for recycling to convert it into new products such as L-section and reinforced Bar.
This way SSC can service Kurdistan through recycling and establishing a good economical foundation for the country, as Steel production nationally helps local production and men power employment in the country. Also reduce the transport cost through local production and resuscitating national economy by recycling the unusable materials which has been scraped in the past and takes the advantageous of keeping the assets within the country and profits from the resources locally. 
Legal Procedure of Industrial Unit And Company Procedure 
Super Steel Company SSC was established in 2011, after we submitted an application to Sulaimani Companies Board, that belong to General Directorate of Companies in Kurdistan with aim of company launch in the name of (Super Steel Company for general trade and material trades Ltd.) with the capital equity of (5,000,000) five million dinar.
In Accordance to the compliances of Article (19)s of companies law section 21 of 1997, after submitting a copy of the contract between the partners and completing all the legal requirements, with the power given to Directorate of Company Registration which have been granted and our application established our company under section (21) part (1).
This pronouncement is underwritten at Sulaimani in 30/3/2017 which is Nawroz/2711 Kurdish Calendar Under the article Number (3515) and license No. 1495. Our company also has the investment license No.22, which is a legal license of operation under the investment law of Kurdistan Region No.4 of year 2006, since our company also granted project establishment under the following information:
Super Steel Company (SSC) has a national citizenship and a certificate of investment for industrial projects with a Capital equity of 17,000,000 Seventeen million US dollars in Sulaimani/Bazyan for Super Steel Factory for melting metal and manufacturing Rebar and L-section in 16/4/2012.



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