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        We Super Steel Company established in 2011 in the field of Reinforced bar fabrication, Billet production and recycling scrap metal, we have achieved specialization in REBAR manufacturing from recycled metal using the latest technology and component with domestic state of art inclusive design and creation capability. Our commitment and devotion to the excellence and dexterity production from recycle metal to finest products with the assurance of quality and strength, Super Steel company has earned trust and status of being one of the best Kurdistan’s most reputed Rebar manufacturer, which this infused satisfaction and loyalty in our customers not only in the region but across the entire neighbouring countries too. That is exactly how the Super Steel Company has become one of the leading Rebar Producer and metal recycler within a short period of time, through using the right engineering, customer satisfaction, quality standard and provide the customers with best testing certificates for our products. We are also obligating to our environment despite the boundlessness of nature, current human activities threaten the ability of our planet to replenish itself. Super Steel Company has used the best and latest filtering system in order to keep our surrounding nature and our country as clean as possible, we also trying to plant as much as tree around our plant to increase the amount of clean air in the area and to minimise out impact on the nature. The reason for using recycled metal has many benefits associated with scrap metal recycling, as Conserving natural resources from being mined, reducing greenhouse gasses and water pollution by recycling, reduce landfill dumping of metal that could have been recycled, with the most important benefit is the substantial energy saving that is made from recycling scrap metal compared to manufacturing from raw materials on the environment and our economy.


        Building the national economy, developing the private sectors, maximize domestic production and offer local Job opportunity.


        Through improvement and performance Super Steel Company intends to encounter the contests of finest production locally and internationally. Our motivation is to support local business growth and national fabrication.

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